Suiting and Shirting

Are you looking for the perfect suiting or shirting for your valuable client? Look no further! Our suits and shirts are made with the best quality fabric and materials for an unbeatable price.

We source our fabrics from the finest mills to give your clients a luxurious look, feel, and fit. From business meetings to special occasions, our suits and shirts will make them look sharp and stylish.

There’s a wide variety of styles, designs, and types.

The Basic Suit

Generally, a basic suit is a two-piece made of wool or blended wool. This kind of suit you can wear to non-formal events.

Typically, it has notched lapels, sometimes peaked, and it is single-breasted. It has flap pockets, a small ticket pocket, and plain sleeve cuffs.

The Business Suit

A three-piece business suit includes a jacket, trousers, and waistcoat, with a peak lapel, business-oriented pockets, and four-sleeve buttons, which is ideal for business meetings or high-class gatherings.

The Formal Suit

An elegant, well-defined look that is a step above the basic suit. Formal suits are available in a single or double-breasted, modern and slim fit, shawl or notched lapels, flap or jetted pockets, and four-button sleeve cuffs. They can be worn on occasions where casual does not quite cut it.

The Tuxedo

Usually navy or black, with a shawl lapel and jetted pockets, the tuxedo is the perfect attire for wedding events and other formal occasions.

The Casual (Sports) Jacket

With the absence of shoulder padding, sports jackets have a relaxed look. They have a notch lapel and flap pockets, and usually have one or two buttons on the sleeves. They are half-lined and come in cotton, wool, or linen fabrics. A suit jacket is either single-breasted or has two buttons. For a dressed-down look, pair it with chinos or jeans or neatly-pressed suit trousers.

The Blazer

It is generally considered a more formal garment than a sport coat. It has a single-breasted, extra-slim fit with notched lapels. It can have a one or two-button closure and patch pockets. You can wear your blazer with light-colored chinos, check pants, and brown loafers.

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